Deep Sea Fishing

Around Valvåg you’ll find great spots for fishing. With a boat you can cruise around Solbergfjorden, Tranøyfjorden and Dyrøysundet – a vast variety of species makes the fishing experience fantastic. Among them you’ll find cod, pollock, redfish, flounder, halibut, cusk and catfish.

Ask us. We know where the great spots are!

If someone wishes to go out on the sea during the winter this needs to be agreed upon beforehand and we must be contacted in advance to make the necessary arrangements. Be aware of that this offer is dependent on the weather and the customer is responsible himself to follow the necessary precautions and recommendations given by us.

Price pr. day: NOK 900 + gasoline.

Pris pr. week: NOK 6500 + gasoline.

Fishing and Archipelago tours

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