There’s an unusual big convocation of eagles on the property which can be seen every day – this makes for a fantastic opportunity to photograph it up close.

You’ll often find seals resting on the skerries outside the cabins – a wonderful experience to witness. It’s also possible to see elks, foxes and hares.

If you want to go skiing, there are cross-country trails close by. Or even walk the trails if it’s not too

much snow.

If you’d rather take it easy you can just sit out on the terrace and watch the fishes swimming around in the sea.

We find ourselves in a lucky position where we own a big property on over 860 acres, from the sealine and all the way up the mountain. For those who are interested in picking berries, you’ll find blueberry, lingonberry, cloudberry, wild raspberry and black crowberry around our property and you can pick as much as you want to. The area is reserved for our guests.

Other than that, it’s a wonderful experience to just go for a hike around the area. On the top of the mountain you’ll get a view over Solbergfjorden, Vågsfjorden and the islands around – a scenic view worth seeing.

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